Advising on the purchase of immovable property in Cyprus

In order to qualify for either the Permanent Residency status or obtaining the Cyprus citizenship a property must be purchased in Cyprus. This process is usually a very strange and tiring for foreign investors not knowing of which companies are reputable on the island and with which to deal with it.

Our firm can offer guidance and expertise on choosing a property with which to invest such a large sum of money. Our team will listen to your needs as to what you are looking for and will guide you and show you a number of properties from which you will choose the one which fulfills your expectations.

Advising on the education of the children of clients

Education is a very important subject for any family which seeks permanent residency in Cyprus. The level of education on the island is very high and there are a number of state and private schools that children of foreign people moving on the island can use.

For this reason, we have gathered together a team of people who will help you and advise you what is best for your children from the ages of 2 to 20. They will explain in detail as to how the education system works in Cyprus and show you the relevant schools.